Why we're closing

When Menashe Cohen started his rug business in New Hampshire 30 years ago, he could not afford to hire employees. Lifting, folding, and rolling rugs by himself – some over 250 pounds – he would joke to customers: "They're not heavy, they just weigh a lot."

In the decades that followed, Menashe employed dozens of people, sold and serviced thousands of rugs, and realized one dream: carrying on the family's legacy in handmade oriental carpets. "My grandmother was a master rug weaver, my father and I started the business together, and I was proud to carry on the tradition."

Now, after 30 years of excellent service, Menashe is retiring. And with his retirement comes the closing of Epic Oriental Rugs. A massive sale is underway to liquidate the entire inventory of close to 2,500 rugs, the largest collection in the state. Rugs in all sizes, colors, and designs, including round rugs and runners, will be heavily discounted. "Every rug needs to go," says Menashe, "and the prices are so low I'm confident that will happen."

Epic will operate on extended hours during this closing sale (7 days, 10-6) and will continue washing and repairing your rugs through February 28th.

Epic Oriental Rugs
597 Lafayette Road
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Your Oriental Rug Specialists

Whether you are a rug connoisseur or a novice, you will find the rug of your choice at Epic Oriental Rugs.

The staff at Epic will take the time to explain the difference in rug quality, the background and origins of designs, weaving materials, and dying process. We will help you through the process, and strive to find the perfect rugs for your home or office.

We will consider your color needs, space, size and budget. The more you know about Oriental Rugs, the easier your decision will be.

View dowry rugs, prayer rugs, rugs that memorialize lives, illustrate lifestyles, and even depict the weaver's aspirations.

Please come in and take a stroll through stacks of hand-picked masterpieces from every weaving region of the world. We have rugs in every size, new and antique, at affordable prices. At Epic, trade-ins are always welcome regardless of condition.

We work with top interior decorators throughout the northeast, and we welcome you to discover us as well (ask about special incentives we offer decorators).

Our massive inventory of new and antique oriental rugs, allows us to wholesale as well as retail.


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